New strike system and revised rules

Good evening everyone. Tonight, I come to you with important information on behalf of our mod team. One piece is super lengthy, the other super quick. Let's jump in.

I wanted to preface this by reminding you that this is one of the best communities on Discord. Though, some things come at a price, and sometimes we may have situations come up that we simply can’t turn a blind eye to. I respectfully ask that you read this announcement in full.

First up, I’d like to take a moment to remind everyone how dangerous “copy-pastas” can truly be. By taking these seriously, you are spreading false information. By spreading false information, and effectively lying to the people around you online, you may permanently damage your reputation OR manipulate others into damaging their own reputations.

Remember what you post on the internet stays forever. The Wayback Machine is a thing and anything posted in this server is archived by mods or our bots for multiple purposes. On behalf of the moderation team, I’d like to take this moment to announce that there will be a new rule added to this server that will be enforced effectively immediately. Anyone who engages in behavior related to “copy-pastas” will have measures taken by our team.

First Offense: warning from team member
Second Offense: muted for a full week (“7 days”)
Third Offense: banned

It should be noted that variations of this strike system will be put into place beginning tonight.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that it is against the rules here to ping A+Start or any of the other content creators in the server unless otherwise noted. In the year and a half since this server was created, we have never had issues with this rule. Please keep this rule, and the new strike system in mind, going forward

Thank you for being awesome and making this Discord community one of the best on the platform.

On behalf of our mod team,