Introducing #game-reviews and new emoji!

To see the new emoji, join us on Discord!

Updates for you all:
I had some issues getting emoji to upload, and I might have been listening to Weird Al... but I'm happy to announce that all 4 emotes are up. 3 are accessible to all, and 1 is exclusive to Nitro users. I am exploring an interesting method to get a still version of it for non-Nitro subscribers so hang in there!

There is a small change to emotes. Going forward, all emotes will begin with "asd" (stands for A+Start Discord) this is a small change, but it'll help us organize for potential future projects. Older emotes may also see the same change sometime soon.

3 Emoji for everyone:
:asdslide: (:asdslide:) - Anyone want to do the Sonic shuffle?
:asdko: (:asdko:) - For when you get roasted in chat, I suppose.
:asd5star: (:asd5star:) - yes, 4--3--2--and 1 stars will be coming so you can do all of the ratings you want.

Animated Emoji
:asdgfall: which is just an animated GIF of Sonic falling! Use it for when you just feel like hanging on to all the happy moments!

What's #game-reviews? Introducing Community Game Reviews! Review a game and post it in that channel for us to see. Hence why one of our new emoji is a 5-star icon (which is unused from SM64DS).

I'm very happy to see what the future holds for A+Start Discord.

Cheers, Slade