Reminders for everyone!

You can view this announcement in our Discord server as well!

Hi there everyone! A few reminders for all of the new people joining us.

To receive notifications of new videos, head to #bot-stuff and type $rank VideoNotify, if done correctly you should see the #videos-and-livestreams channel!

If you want to share your friend codes with us so we can add you on consoles like 3DS and Switch, head to #friend-codes. Please limit this to a single post, and not multiple! The bot might pick it up as spam otherwise.

Occasionally we all game together. We'll announce it in #game-together if we're going to host a game night!

Please do not share Discord links in #plugs unless you have permission from a mod or admin.

You level up by chatting. Info on these levels can be found in the creatively-named #levels channel! (The #plugs and #memes channels don't count towards your XP though!)

Please take anything off topic to #general or #memes. Son of a Glitch related discussions should be in #son-of-a-glitch, Sonic Chaos related discussions should be in #sonic-chaos, and Low Poly related discussions should be in #low-poly!

And last but not least, relax! We're all here to hang out.