Special Roles!

Good news, everyone!! (bad reference?) I have a big announcement. We now have a new bot, @GlitchBot.... you know what that means? SPECIAL ROLES!! Well, in beta testing at least. Here's what we have so far. We are very willing to make changes, see the bottom of this post for info.

Level 3 - Graphical Error: Image posting, in any channel! (Just keep it relevant please!)
Level 5 - Glitch: Access to nickname changes and reactions. (We do this to prevent spam.)
Level 10 -  Softlock - Access to special text channel and voice chat.
Level 20 - Crash: Priority speaker in Voice Chats
Level ?? - Something Special
Level 66 - You rule the server now. Nothing happens.

Do !rank in #bot-stuff for your current level.

If you have any suggestions regarding what roles we should add, and their perks & possible level to reach, please send it to myself or Enjineer in DMs, and we'll run a #poll-time poll on it. Please be patient with us as we beta test this new feature! Thank you very much.